Exam Development

With almost a decade of experience developing assessment and certification exams for IT industry leaders, Netlogon has the expertise to develop technology exams in an array of domains. Netlogon has pioneered innovative and tailor-made development processes. We offer a comprehensive exam development package that generates an effective, high-quality exam from start to finish. Our exams are designed to evaluate a candidate’s abilities in the real world, and identify qualified candidates through relevant assessments.

The Netlogon process includes general project management, content development management, exam item writing, technical editing, multiple post-development technical reviews, and psychometric evaluations. Netlogon creates new exam or refreshes content for existing exams to meet new demands. We work with a team of subject matter experts (SMEs) from your organization, or put together and train a team of SMEs for you.

Exam Development Achievements

During the last decade, Netlogon has successfully delivered quality assessment and certification content to Microsoft Learning and other groups within Microsoft. Netlogon has been consistently delivering the highest performing certification exams for Microsoft since 2007; harnessing years of expertise to develop innovative approaches to content creation. Netlogon is a key partner for Microsoft in developing, marketing and promoting certifications worldwide.

Spare me all the reading,
what does Netlogon do?

We offer Content Development services:

  1. Create exams and assessments
  2. Manage content development projects
  3. Market and promote certification programs
  4. Provide technical and programmatic expertise

We offer Enterprise Consulting services:

  1. Architect and implement IT solutions
  2. Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues
  3. Outsource services for IT departments
  4. Provide technical and management expertise

Netlogon Customers

Heenan Blaikie LLP
Canada Health Infoway
Mitec Telecom
Canadian Department of National Defense
Centennial College
Richter Management
CMC Electronique
John Meunier
Test out
Ministere du Quebec

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