Exam Project Management

Crafting the exam objectives

Netlogon works with you to carefully define the objective of the exam based on the technological specifications and the target audience. The objectives are further broken down into appropriate exam topics, guiding our content development teams.

Training SMEs to develop relevant exam items

We train a team of subject matter experts (SMEs) to convert their real-world skills and knowledge into accurate, intelligent, and clearly-written exam items that meet the exam objectives.

Technical edit

Each exam item passes a language edit to review grammar, spelling, consistent use of terminology, and compliance to style guidelines. Our experienced Technical Editing team will help refine all terminology and style guidelines; ensuring consistency across multiple exams.

Post-development technical review

A post-development review of each item is performed to ensure technological accuracy, scoring accuracy, and correspondence to the exam objectives. During development, our exam questions undergo up to five phases of technical review.

Psychometric evaluation

A controlled psychometric assessment of the quality, validity, and construction of each exam item is undertaken to ensure that the items are relevant to the exam objective; effectively test the candidates’ real-world skills; and definitively distinguish between qualified and unqualified candidates.

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Spare me all the reading,
what does Netlogon do?

We offer Content Development services:

  1. Create exams and assessments
  2. Manage content development projects
  3. Market and promote certification programs
  4. Provide technical and programmatic expertise

We offer Enterprise Consulting services:

  1. Architect and implement IT solutions
  2. Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues
  3. Outsource services for IT departments
  4. Provide technical and management expertise

Netlogon Customers

Heenan Blaikie LLP
Canada Health Infoway
Mitec Telecom
Canadian Department of National Defense
Centennial College
Richter Management
CMC Electronique
John Meunier
Test out
Ministere du Quebec

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